Archives for April 2006

Papers in Chinese, and a new e-book in Japanese by T. Mizuno serves an international audience. (See our earlier news item below). We have introductions to the field in French, German and Italian. Sergio Bacchi translated versions of Storms’ Student’s Guide into Portuguese and Spanish. These are popular.

In Chinese we recently added a review paper, the Introduction to Cold Fusion, and a translation of an important paper by Oriani, The Physical and Metallurgical Aspects of Hydrogen in Metals (translation into Chinese) (The English original is here.) Note also the technical review in English, “A Chinese View on Summary of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science.”

Now introducing our first document in Japanese:  T. Mizuno’s 107-page e-book, “Jyouon Kakuyuugou Purojekuto (Cold Fusion Project).”