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Cold Fusion Laboratory Opens

Energetics Technologies, Inc. has moved their research team from Israel to Columbia, Missouri, where they opened an expanded laboratory in a collaboration with the University of Missouri. The new facility was funded with nearly $1 million from private sources, and the Missouri University incubator program paid $225,000 for the office suites. See: Columbia Daily Tribune, “Cold science heats up,” and the editorial “Cold Fusion Will it Work?

AIP Abruptly Cancels Publication

The American Institute of Physics (AIP) abruptly cancelled the publication of the peer-reviewed proceedings of the March 2010 American Chemical Society National Meeting cold fusion session.

On October 5, the AIP sent Dr. Jan Marwan, the proceedings editor, a short letter saying: “Having received the technical presentation and PDF files related to the “New Energy Technology Symposium”, AIP’s Publisher’s Office has had a chance to evaluate the contents of the material presented. Based on this evaluation, AIP has decided to exercise its right under Section C.1(a) of the Publishing Contract to decline publishing the proceedings and materials as an AIP publication. . . .”

The proceedings book was in the final stages of preparation when it was cancelled. If the decision is final, we hope we will be able to upload a copy of the book here at

UPDATE: The papers were published in J. Condensed Matter Nucl. Sci. Vol. 4. 2011