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International Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Symposium

International Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Symposium, ILENRS-12
The College of William and Mary, Sadler Center, Williamsburg, Virginia
July 1-3, 2012


Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) offer the prospect of clean, inexpensive, limitless, nonfossil renewable energy. The symposium will review LENR’s current theoretical and experimental status, including updating recent results. Expert panel discussions will evaluate the present state of the art and define future directions, including establishment of criteria for creating university-based, state-of-the-art LENR research and development centers.

Billionaire donates $5.5 million for cold fusion research at the University of Missouri

Sidney Kimmel, the founder of an apparel company has given the University of Missouri $5.5 million to study cold fusion. See these two articles in the Columbia Daily Tribune:

Billionaire helps fund MU energy research

Duncan talks ‘cold fusion’ at Saturday Science


Here is a new article in the MizzouWeekly, Nuclear researchers attempt to locate new source of renewable energy

New edition of A Student’s Guide to Cold Fusion

Edmund Storms has written a new edition of A Student’s Guide to Cold Fusion. This is one of our most popular papers, first introduced in 2003. Here is the Abstract:

“Evidence supporting cold fusion (LENR) is summarized and requirements an explanation must take into account are justified. A plausible nuclear-active-environment is identified by ruling out various possibilities and by identifying an environment that is common to all methods used to produce LENR. When this environment is combined with a plausible mechanism, many testable predictions result. These insights and proposals are offered to help clarify understanding of LENR and to suggest future studies.”

10th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals

This conference was held on April 10 – 14, 2012. Most of the PowerPoint slides from the conference are here. We have uploaded some slides from Rick Cantwell, including:

Cantwell, R., D. McConnell, and T.N. Claytor, Search for excess heat in metal cathodes exposed to pulsed hydrogen plasma.

Dmitriyeva, O., et al., Effect of temperature gradient on calorimetric measurements during gas-loading experiments

Dmitriyeva, O., et al., Control of excess heat production in Pd-impregnated alumina powder