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Edmund Storms announces new results with palladium

Dr. Edmund Storms has recently published five reports describing recent replications of the palladium deuterium cold fusion experiments. These are available at his website

Description of website:

The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction: An Examination of the Relationship between Observation and Explanation by Dr. Edmund Storms attempts to bridge the gap between what is thought to be true and possible by conventional scientists and what is claimed by people advocating the reality of the cold fusion phenomenon. In addition, a new explanation is proposed that is consistent with accepted natural law and with all behavior attributed to cold fusion.

The five reports are summarized here:

The individual reports are available in Acrobat format:

Study of PdD as a host for LENR

Calibration of the Seebeck calorimeter

Insights obtained during the initial study

Effect of important variables

Behavior of pure PdD This report describes excess heat up to 360 mW correlated with radiation.

Additional behavior of pure PdD