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ICCF24 videos uploaded

The ICCF24 organizing committee has begun uploading videos of presentations here:

ICCF-24 x Solid-State Energy Summit videos

Most presentations will be uploaded. A complete list of presentations is here:


European Union funds cold fusion research

The European Union (EU) has funded cold fusion research under grant agreement no 951974, project duration August 2020 – July 2024. This is called the Clean HME (Hydrogen Metal Energy) project, which is the latest alternative name for cold fusion. See:

CleanHME project

Researchers funded by this project presented 10 papers at ICCF-24. They had an initial meeting at the University of Szczecin in September 2020. Here are videos from the meeting.


U.S. Government increases its cold fusion research

In 1989 the Department of Energy decided not to fund cold fusion. The question was revised in 2004. A panel of experts recommended funding, but the Department did not follow the recommendation. There has been some low level research by DARPA, the Army and NASA over the years. This year, support for research has increased dramatically.

At the ICCF-23 conference in July 2022, DARPA announced that it will open funding opportunities for cold fusion starting in Augusts 2022. Researchers at NASA announced improved results. The Army and Navy both announced projects with 10 or 20 people, which is huge by the standards of cold fusion. The Navy program is being done in cooperation with other U.S. laboratories at NIST, industry and academia. Some of the slides from NASA, the Army and Navy presentations are shown below.

Here is Theresa Benyo of NASA: