Cold fusion in mass media articles

Cold fusion is attracting some attention in the mass media. Recently, several articles about it have been published, including:

Anderson, M., Big Idea: Bring Back the “Cold Fusion” Dream, in Discover Magazine. 2012. This is about the Widom-Larsen theory.

Featherstone, S., Can Andrea Rossi’s Infinite-Energy Black Box Power The World–Or Just Scam It?, in Popular Science. 2012. This describes a visit with Rossi, and another with Celani.

Gibbs, M., Cold Fusion Gets a Little More Real [Updated], in Forbes. 2012. A report on the visit to Defkalion by M. Nelson of NASA. Nelson’s visit was supposed to be confidential, but it was revealed in leaked documents discussed in this article, and also by eCat News, “Defkalion Self-Leaks Catalyst.”

Hambling, D., Cold fusion: smoke and mirrors, or raising a head of steam?, in 2012, which covers Rossi’s recent claims, ICCF17, Celani’s recent claims and so on.

Ouellette, J., Genie in a Bottle: The Case Against Cold Fusion, in Scientific American. 2012. A renewed attack on the research. See the latest news item.