2004 Cold Fusion Report

Announcing “The 2004 Cold Fusion Report” from New Energy Times ($15). Available from http://www.newenergytimes.com. The report has been endorsed by some of the leading cold fusion researchers.

“I think you have done sterling work on this.”
– Dr. Martin Fleischmann

“This is a fine report. It is a work well done, the old-fashioned way, with hard work. I hope the world reads it — it is well-written and powerful. I hope the world acts on it — it is clear, concise and concrete.”
– Dr. Michael Staker, materials scientist and research engineer for a major U.S. military research laboratory

“‘The 2004 Cold Fusion Report’ is excellent. I hope it is recognized by a mainstream publication so that it can get wide circulation.”
– Dr. Edmund Storms, radiochemist formerly with the Los Alamos National Laboratory

“‘The 2004 Cold Fusion Report’ has brought a wide variety of interesting and complex material together. It should be helpful for someone trying to understand what the arguing has been about.”
– Dr. Michael Melich, senior research professor at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School and former branch head of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

“The report is very, very well done! I believe that ‘The Cold Fusion Report’ will be a good basis for future discussions, both inside and outside of the cold fusion community.”
– Dr. Antonella De Ninno, an Italian nuclear physicist and fusion researcher with the Italian Agency for New Technology, Energy and Environment

This web site also features a free audio recording (MP3) of a lecture by David J. Nagel (George Washington University) given at ICCF10. The recording is 62 minutes long.