Defkalion Green Technologies s.a. press conference

Defkalion Green Technologies, the company that will market the Rossi cold fusion reactor, held a press conference. They also opened their web site with material from the press conference and announcements:

See also Defkalion Green Technologies white paper: Company Overview — Market Strategy — Global Positioning.

According to the company — Defkalion Green Technologies has secured exclusive distribution rights for the entire world, except for the USA. It will start production and distribution of its products late this year, from its factory in Xanthi. It will sell initially to the Greek and Balkan markets. Two more factories are scheduled within 2012. International sales are already strong in demand, which will spur exports.

The focus of this press conference was mainly on the company’s commercial plans rather than technical information about the reactor. They did not demonstrate a reactor. They introduced to the public: the company, the Board of Directors and the investors. They discussed marketing plans, products and potential markets. A video of the press conference will be made, and it will be uploaded to YouTube. The press conference was in Greek. A YouTube version of the press conference with English subtitles will be uploaded to YouTube around June 28.

Marianne Macy published a report on the press conference here.

Some technical information about the Defkalion reactors is available here. This page also reports that the reactors are now being tested and certified by the Greek Ministry of Regional Development and Industry, and the Ministry of Environment and Energy. This information was published in the Defkalion discussion forum by the Defkalion staff.