Rossi 6-hour demonstration convinces Swedish experts

On March 29, 2011, a test of a smaller Rossi device was performed. It was attended by two new observers: Hanno Essén, associate professor of theoretical physics and chairman of the Swedish Skeptics Society, and Sven Kullander, chairman of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences’ Energy Committee. They agree with other independent observers that the device must be producing a nuclear reaction. See NyTeknik: Swedish physicists on the E-cat: “It’s a nuclear reaction.”

This test employed a new, smaller device with a 50 cm3 cell. It produced ~4.4 kW for 6 hours, or 25 kWh (90 MJ).

Essén and Kullander wrote a report, also in NyTeknik, Experimental test of a mini-Rossi device at the Leonardocorp, Bologna 29 March 2011. Focardi gave a revealing radio interview. Here is an English translation.

NyTeknik has published a number of articles about Rossi. They are all listed here. The New Energy Times is keeping a close watch on news articles about Rossi. They have a list of articles here.

On April 19 and April 21, Rossi and Mats Lewan of NyTeknik performed additional tests on the reactors. The article about this is here. This includes a close-up 4 minute video of the equipment in operation. Detailed reports about the two tests are here and here.

Here is a fascinating interview with Prof. Stremmenos, who is working with Focardi and Rossi, and is a key figure in the establishment of the Defkalion factory in Greece.

In May 2011, a start-up company announced it has reached an agreement with Rossi to distribute his machines in the U.S. The start-up was founded by former U.S. Department of Energy officials who have been in contact with Rossi for many years. They independently tested his devices. They paid him a large sum of money to license the technology.