Arata replication by Kitamura et al. and Kidwell et al.

In June 2009, Kitamura et al. (Kobe U.) published a replication of Arata’s experiment gas loading zirconium oxide with nanoparticles of palladium in it. The publisher has granted permission to upload the manuscript version of this paper:Kitamura, A., et al., Anomalous effects in charging of Pd powders with high density hydrogen isotopes. Phys. Lett. A, 2009. 273(35): p. 3109-3112.

Another replication was reported here: Kidwell, D., et al. Does Gas Loading Produce Anomalous Heat? (PowerPoint slides). in 15th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science. 2009. Rome, Italy: ENEA.

Arata’s 2008 lecture and demonstration are described below. At ICCF-15 Arata reported an improved version of this experiment, with different types of calorimeters and a new cell design. The slides from this presentation are here.