Seminar at U. Missouri, “Excess Heat and Particle Tracks from Deuterium-loaded Palladium”

Announcement: Many research groups have reported excess heat from deuterated palladium using many different experimental techniques. Recently, the Navy’s SPAWAR laboratory published experimental results that document the production of nuclear particles, thereby suggesting that nuclear reactions are occurring.  However, these observed particle tracks are at levels that are much smaller than would be expected if this excess heat resulted from conventional nuclear fusion. These excess heat reports often vastly exceed that which would likely be produced by chemical reactions or by structural phase transitions in the palladium.

The program, videos and PowerPoint slides from the speakers are available from the university:

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Robert Duncan
Frank Gordon
Pamela Mosier-Boss
Larry Forsley
Edmund Storms
Michael McKubre
Peter Hagelstein
Yeong Kim
Mark Prelas
David Nagel
Peter Handel
Robert Duncan — Closing Comments