Cold Fusion Presentations at the ACS and APS

Papers on cold fusion were presented recently at the American Physical Society (APS) and American Chemical Society (ACS) conferences. The APS conference was held in Denver, CO, March 5-9. 2007, and ACS was in Chicago, IL, March 29, 2007. See: The Abstracts from the APS cold fusion sessions are here:

Session A31: Cold Fusion I
Session B31: Cold Fusion II

The ACS conference session was described in a magazine article, Van Noorden, R., Cold fusion back on the menu, in Chemistry World. 2007: It includes this surprising comment by Robert Park, the archenemy of cold fusion: “there are some curious reports – not cold fusion, but people may be seeing some unexpected low-energy nuclear reactions.”

A paper was published recently by U.S. Navy researchers Szpak, S., P.A. Mosier-Boss, and F. Gordon, Further evidence of nuclear reactions in the Pd lattice: emission of charged particles. Naturwiss., 2007. DOI 10.1007. This research was presented during both the APS and ACS conferences. Here isthe ACS version of the presentation and PowerPoint slides. Several of the presentations at the APS were related to this work. Four videos of these presentations were uploaded by Steven Krivit of the New Energy Times. Here are two:

Pamela Mosier-Boss et al., “Production of High Energy Particles Using the Pd/D Co-Deposition Process”

Larry Forsley et al., “Time Resolved, High Resolution, Gamma-Ray and Integrated Charge and Knock-on Particle Measurements of Pd:D Co-deposition Cells”

Krivit has uploaded several other cold-fusion related videos. For a complete list, see:

Also in March 2007, a new paper was published by another U.S. Navy researcher, Hubler, G.K., Anomalous Effects in Hydrogen-Charged Palladium – A review. Surf. Coatings Technol., 2007. We have uploaded a set of PowerPoint slides describing content similar to this paper, along with a link to the paper. See: