Library Guide

The LENR-CANR library consists of a bibliography of over 4,600 item, and over 1,500 full text papers and books. The bibliography was compiled by Dieter Britz, Edmund Storms and Jed Rothwell. The Summary screen appears on lower portion of the library screen. You can escape the WordPress borders and have the index fill the whole screen by selecting the summary index in a stand-alone window.

Papers and books available for download have the word OPEN in the Link column.


The “Details” button shows the date uploaded, abstract and keywords for full text papers. To see full details for every item on the screen, select Detailed record index.

The Summary and Detail screens shows all items in the bibliography. You may wish to see only the items available for download. Click on the Most Recent papers for that. The papers are listed with the most recently uploaded papers first. Click on the First Author heading to list them alphabetically by author.

How to Search for Papers

In the boxes at the top of the screen, search for author, title, or “Search all” which includes the year, authors, title, publication abstract and keywords. You can enter a partial name, such as “fleisch” for “Fleischmann.” When you search for “Fleischmann” and “calorimetry,” under “Search all,” 8 papers are found.


Filename Conventions

The LENR-CANR Library filenames are composed as follows: Take the principal author’s last name and initials. Remove spaces, commas, numerals letters with umlauts and any other character outside the range of a-z and A-Z. Truncate to 10 characters.

Take the title of the paper, convert to lowercase, and remove character outside the range of a-z. Truncate to 10 characters. Append to author name. Some authors have published more than one paper with the same title, or with the same first ten letters. In these cases, letters a, b, c . . . are appended:

Schwinger, J. ” Cold fusion: a hypothesis” => SchwingerJcoldfusion.pdf

Schwinger, J. ” Cold Fusion — Does It Have a Future?” => SchwingerJcoldfusion a.pdf

Schwinger, J. ” Cold Fusion Theory, A Brief History of Mine” => SchwingerJcoldfusion b.pdf