LENR-CANR.org Total Downloads

It is difficult to measure exactly how many papers have been downloaded. Here is an estimate that does not include downloads made by “robot” readers from places such as Google, and it does not include partial downloads or failed attempts to download. Visits is the number of unique IP addresses recorded per hour. With social media many people might visit in one hour, and they will all have the same IP address. This will register as only one unique visit, so this is an underestimate of the number of human visitors. This number does not include visits from robots such as the Googlebot.

Here are the total downloads and visits since LENR-CANR.org began in 2002:

Many of our readers are students and professors on the academic schedule. Readership usually dips during spring holiday, final exams and summer vacation in universities.

The spreadsheet for the graphs shown below is here.

Starting in 2017 the number of visits and downloads began to decline. The number of news articles and Google Searches for terms such as “cold fusion” and “LENR” have also declined in recent years. See the Google Trends graph below

Fig. 1. Number of Acrobat files (papers) downloaded per month since LENR-CANR.org began in 2002. The trendline is a 6-degree polynomial.

Fig. 2. Cumulative number of Acrobat files (papers) downloaded since LENR-CANR.org began.

Fig. 3. Google Trends for: cold fusion + LENR -coldfusion